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WELCOME TO Floorever Solutions

Family Owned,
Over 14 Years Experience!

My name is Matt Casey and I am the owner of FloorEver Solutions.  We are a local family-owned business located in St. Augustine Florida.  I have been in the concrete flooring and coatings industry since 2005. Growing up like a lot of people I never really noticed floors very much.  I was used to carpet, wood, and tile. What I would consider boring and floors that lack imagination. While at the University of Kentucky my sister and her husband Robert were living in Las Vegas at the time.  I would visit regularly over our spring break and over the summer. Robert had his own concrete flooring and coatings company and this was my first exposure to various concrete flooring systems and coatings. I would go with him to their job sites along with just going through some of the hotels and casinos and I saw various types of stamped concrete floors, stained concrete with designs, and polished concrete floors almost everywhere I went.  Right away I loved the look of these floors and became really interested in learning more. I started helping him with their jobs when I was there and really enjoyed the work.

When I finished at the University of Kentucky I moved back to Louisville and was hired in a sales position at a local Athletic Club.  I worked there for a year and a half and while working there I met my wife and also started up my own business applying the same type of flooring systems that I saw in Vegas.  After participating in a local home show and starting to get some customers I left my current position and have now been in the industry since 2005. My wife and our three sons decided to make the move to St. Augustine in 2014 and absolutely love it here.  

We have successfully completed hundreds of floors for customers over the past several years.  In this industry there is no substitute for experience. There are so many variables that go into each and every project as no two concrete surfaces are the same.  We are an experienced and professional contractor that only uses high quality products and and nothing is more rewarding than seeing our customers absolutely blown away by the work we have completed.  It is very rewarding to be part of improving someone’s life by being part of improving their home or business!